The Macrofund team is composed of traders and academics who come from banks, hedge funds, and universities.


Welcome to the Macrofund Newsroom. Our platform offers unique opportunities to engage with our experts, including our founder Andrew Nissenbaum, at your next conference or event. Specializing in the intricate relationship between political events and financial markets, our team delivers impactful speeches and participates in panel discussions.

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Our founder, Andrew Nissenbaum, along with the Macrofund team, are renowned for their expertise in macro trading and geopolitical analysis. They provide valuable insights at various speaking events and are excellent panelists, enriching discussions with deep market knowledge.

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Speaking Engagements

Invite Andrew Nissenbaum and the Macrofund team for a keynote speech or guest lecture to share expert analysis and insights at your next event.

Panel Discussions

Our team members join panel discussions, providing expert opinions and contributing to a deeper understanding of financial and geopolitical topics.

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To inquire about availability and discuss your event needs:

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Featured Engagements

Andrew Nissenbaum has been a guest lecturer at several prestigious institutions and events, including:

• J.P. Morgan Core Program
• The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
• The London School of Economics

Notable Update

We are pleased to announce that Dave Leduc has joined the Macrofund team. Dave brings extensive expertise, particularly in cryptocurrency. He is available to speak alongside Andrew Nissenbaum, providing insights into the evolving landscape of crypto. Recently, Dave and Andrew met with members of the Cambodian government to discuss key economic and financial issues. Read more

More of Our Experts

In addition to Andrew Nissenbaum and Dave Leduc, other key team members are available for speaking engagements:

James Maloy

James Maloy simplifies complex macroeconomic trends and makes them engaging. His experience in both academia and financial markets allows him to offer insightful perspectives on economic policy, market dynamics, and future economic scenarios. His presentations transform complex economic concepts into accessible and engaging discussions, making him a valuable asset for any event.

Patrick Cullen

Patrick Cullen’s expertise in geopolitical strategy and international security makes him a compelling speaker. His analysis of non-state actors, hybrid warfare, and international relations offers a nuanced perspective on global political dynamics. Patrick’s presentations are thought-provoking and informative, providing audiences with a deeper understanding of geopolitical issues and their market implications.

Divyanshu Bansal

Divyanshu Bansal offers insights into the intersection of technology and finance. His work in big data processing, management, advanced analytics, algorithmic trading systems, and financial technology provides a forward-looking perspective on financial markets. Divyanshu’s talks are ideal for those interested in the transformative impact of technology on finance, offering a cutting-edge view of the future.

Dr. Gerald Sokol

Dr. Gerald Sokol, a renowned oncologist, brings a unique perspective to our team with his deep understanding of risk management and decision-making under uncertainty. His ability to translate complex medical and scientific concepts into actionable insights makes him an invaluable speaker. Dr. Sokol’s expertise in systematic risk analysis and long-term strategic planning provides essential knowledge for navigating today’s complex markets. His presentations offer a unique blend of scientific rigor and practical application, making him a highly sought-after speaker for a wide range of events.

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