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China’s military buildup, including missile and paratrooper capabilities, poses a significant threat to Taiwan.
The Mt. Gox repayments, which began on July 5, 2024, present a unique investment opportunity for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This analysis explores the potential advantages of accumulating BCH during this period, considering market dynamics, technological strengths, and long-term growth prospects.
Thailand’s Southern Land Bridge: A $35 billion mega-project poised to transform Southeast Asian trade dynamics by connecting the Andaman Sea to the Gulf of Thailand, potentially reshaping regional power structures and enhancing global supply chain resilience.
In 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics experienced significant breaches involving premature access to recalculated CPI seasonal factors in February and early release of CPI and Real Earnings data in May. These incidents disrupted markets, triggered volatility, and raised concerns about the integrity of economic reporting and the effectiveness of insider trading regulations.
Macrofund Analysis: If Biden doesn’t run in 2024, Michelle Obama leads Trump 50% to 39% per Reuters/Ipsos poll, with strong support in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Harris, Whitmer, and Newsom also show competitive strengths in swing states. High voter turnout in key counties will be crucial for a Democratic victory.
Macrofund recently met with Cambodian Stock Exchange officials to discuss strategic initiatives. Appointed as advisors to the CSX, Macrofund will contribute to a ten-year stock market optimization plan aimed at strengthening market infrastructure and enhancing investor confidence.

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